- What Customer Service really means

- How to deal with difficult personalities

- In-Person customer service and the phone

This very effective workshop allows the participants to:

- Customer Service and the phone

- Problem solving for great customer service

and dealing with customer complaints

The Five Emotional Intelligence Skills

-  Self-Awareness Skills

-  Social Skills

-  Optimism

-  Emotional Control

-  Flexibility Skils

This highly entertaining and helpful workshop will allow participant to:

- Understand generational differences as they relate to the 4 generations of Traditionalists,  Baby Boomers, Gen-Xer's and Millennials  

- Learn how to interact and communicate effectivlely with each generations 

To fine out more about our Professional and Personal Development programs call Jeri Byrne at 928-402-8054 or email her at jbyrne@cableone.net

The How, Why and What to do...Learning how to lead by allowing others to have a say!

Learning to facilitate will help a group to uncover powerful useful information.

This workshop allows participants to:

- Understand facilitaion versus training/teaching and when to use it.

- Reinforce active listen and effective communication skills

- Practice facilitation skills

This workshop teaches the participants the effective ways to manage time using SMART Goals (Specific, Manageable, Achievable, Relevant, Timebound) along with Franklin Covey time manageable principles such as setting priorities for each day and achieving those before moving onto other things.

- Increases your awareness of how we waste time

- Increases your ability to manage your time according to YOUR priorities

- Increases your ability to say "NO" effectively

- Developing skills that make time management a consistent habit

"What did you Say"?

Skilled listening and effective communication workshop

The fun interactive workshop allow the participants to :

- Learn to listen with intent to understand NOT respond

- Learning how to effectively handle the top 10 most challenging communication situation.

- Learn how to be a powerful speaker in any envieroment.


This great interactive program will allow participants to understand:

Jeri Byrne BA, MS

This workshop introduces the concept of Cultural Diversity and helps participants understand the importance of Cultural Competency and Diversity in today's world.

What this program will accomplish is to:

- Learn the definition of stress and what causes stress

- What stress does to our physical and emotional being

- Analyze our current coping strategies

- Devise an action plan and new strategies to deal more effectively with stress

- Increase your awareness of various dimensions of cultural diversity

- Examine your own cultural identity and how that identity affects your relationships with others

- Become more aware of your own attitudes, perceptions and feelings about various aspects of cultural  diversity

- Make a commitment to increase your understanding of cultural diversity issues

    Jeri Byrne has served in the role as Executive Director fot the Eastern Arizona Area Health Education Center a Non-Profit Organization located in Globe, Arizona for 14 years. Born and raised in Globe - Miami area along with her husband Bill. Jeri and Bill have two children who both live in the area along with 4 grandchildren. Jeri's family has a long history of working in the Copper and Turquoise Mines located in Miami Arizona. Her husband comes from the ranching side of local industry. Jeri has served locally in the capacity as Chamber Director, Pregnancy Prevention Coordinator for the Cooperative Extension, Director of Development and Marketing for the  Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center among others. Jeri received her education at Eastern Arizona College and online through Bennington University where she recieved her Bachelors of Arts in Business and Master in Organizational Leadership. Jeri is a certified "Leadership" Trainer and enjoys designing and teaching Professional and personal development programs particularly for rural audiences.

This effective workshop allows participants to learn and practice:

A 10 part series utilizing the Workforce Excellence Soft Skills Curriculum which deals with workforce needs for the seasoned as well as new workforce participants. Communication, Time, Presentability, Respectability among many more topics. (There is a cost of materials for this workshop).

Who are you Influencing?

This powerful and effective workshop allows participants and opportunity for:

- Learning what leadership is and what it isn't

- Understanding 5 basic leadership principals and how to effectively idenify and learn to    us them